Ultimate seafood nation

Norway is definitely one of the coldest countries in the world. Why have humans settled here with harsh nature, rough climate and cold sea? It’s not optimal for the humans – but it’s perfect for the fish.

Norway - the ultimate seafood nation.

Taj Mannan

Sales manager

Norway is the worldś second largest exporter of seafood

Today Norway is the world’s second largest exporter of seafood, with 31 million Norwegian seafood meals consumed daily in more than 140 countries.The global success story of Norwegian salmon can also be explained by the fact that salmon from aquaculture is never out of season. The fish is always available, with consistently high quality guaranteed. Norway is still only using 0.5 percent of the sea area available for aquaculture.




In 2017 Norway exported seafood for 94,5 billion NOK – an increase of 3 % from 2016 to 140 different markets worldwide. This estimates 2,6-million-ton seafood, an increase of 7 % from 2016 which results in 36 million Norwegian seafood meals worldwide every single day throughout the year. 

Norwegian semafood is a world-class product.

Norway is a small but proud country in the extreme north of the world. Given Norway’s unique combination of nature, culture and resource administration, Norwegian seafood is a world-class product competing in elite international markets. 


The coastline of Norway, including its many fjords and islands, stretches for an incredible 21,437 km. This is 2ndlongest coastline in the world. And these cold, crystal clear coastal waters are the perfect habitat for shoals of Norwegian seafood. 

Why is Norway one of the biggest producers of seafood?

There are lots of reasons why Norway are one of the world’s biggest and most sustainable producers of seafood, and why our salmon is enjoyed around the world: 



    We have been blessed by our unique location with cold water across our coastline with islands and deep fjords.


    The typical Norwegian culture is built on seafood. We grow up fish­ing and eating what we catch. We love the cold weather and the Norwegian aquaculture is not just about the past - it’s our future as well. 


    Our politics, technology and infrastructure allow us to maintain our aquaculture in a sustainable way. We can supply the world with Norwegian seafood today and for future generations.

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