King Crab

We deliver king crab and snow crab (live or frozen) as per client requirements.

Our aim is to offer the best the arctic sea has to offer, every day of the year with service and quality as our priorities.



Sustainably farmed Norwegian Salmon delivers a clean taste and texture that comes from a slow, natural growth process and exceptional regulations to ensure safety. We delivers both fresh and frozen all over the world.

Pollock Saltfish

7/8 Dry

We produce and export hight quality Pollock Saltfish 7/8 Dry. Its perfect for the famous "Bacalao" The fish is caught in the arctic sea to ensure the very best quality. We follow the prosess from the fishermen at sea to the shipment is safely delivered.

Statistics Norwegian Seafood

Norway is one of the largest seafood export nations in the world

2,6 million tonns Salmon Norway exports each year 

94,5 Nok billions in market value each year

36 million meals every single day all year long

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