The Best Quality of Seafood delivered directly to your destination.

We are working hard to always deliver the very best quality of Norwegian Seafood.

Here you will find some of the products available at the moment.



Salmon portion 150 gr frozen.

We can supply aprox 80 tons of frozen salmon, portion packages of 150 gr..


141,- pr kg EXW Norway



Trout from Denmark, frozen 1-2 kg

We can supply danish Trout, frozen 1-2 kg.


1-2                        5,00 eur/kg

1,5-1,8                  5.20 eur/kg

1,8-2                     5,40 eur/kg

Prices EXW Denmark.




Salmon, frozen 1-6 kg.

Norwegian Salmon, frozen, normal quality, size 1-6 kg.

We can deliver aprox 50 tons.



Octopus, frozen

Norwegian Ocopus, frozen, size 1,5 kg.

We can deliver aprox 3 tons.



King Crab - fresh live, frozen clusters and legs

We sell king crab fished in the clear arctic waters off the coast of Finnmark, where the live catch is expertly handled with care, and immediately prepared for prompt shipment by air.  

Customer focus

Mannan Taj Malik, Sales Manager

We provide the best service and close follow-up until the fish is delivered and the customer is satisfied!


Loyal customers are important to our reputation and our future success. Together with our customers, we will ensure that most people worldwide eat healthy seafood!


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